GoldanBio® is an upstream manufacturer of the IVD industry chain. We provide design, development, production and service of innovative IVD inspection solutions for professional medical inspection sites such as hospital laboratory, central laboratory and third-party testing center. Inspection solutions for fast pre-processing of inspection samples, batch inspection testing, accurate performance analysis and rapid feedback of results.

We use digital image processing and artificial intelligence technology to minimize the workload of chemical analysis and morphological microscopy analysis, thus how we help improving inspection efficiency and comprehensive analysis and discriminating ability of clinical institutions.

Through the selection of the most original biomaterials, instrument core material design, efficient and superior product management, and the entire process of quality management of the production process, we firmly control the product quality level and provide stability for medical clinical testing. Meanwhile, efficient and low-cost inspection solutions that provide dealers with a more competitive product portfolio and services that create core values for partners in the IVD industry chain.


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